A7 Petition Update

As a result of the highly successful petition that Moorfoot Community Council raised last year, regarding concerns with the speed of traffic passing the A7 junction at North Middleton, and subsequent meetings between Community Councillors, local police and Midlothian Council, Councillor Wilma Chalmers agreed to provide funding for a warning sign from her budget. As you have proably noticed, the sign is now in operation.

The sign is located about 100m South of the jSpeed-Sign500unction and is triggered by the speed of approaching vehicles. We would encourage residents to report all incidents at that junction to the local police. The Council and Police will be monitoring traffic and incidents over the coming months.

Although we were unable to get agreement to have a reduced speed limit on this stretch of road, it is hoped that the sign will help reduce the overall average speed of traffic on this 60 limit road (currently 57MPH, for figures including those vehicles that are limited to 50MPH or less!)

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