Celebrate Fund – grant for one off events.

Information from Midlothian Council about a grant supporting events that bring your community together.


See information below about ‘Celebrate’ funding, for one-off events.  I will draw your attention to the fact that it is first come, first served until the money is gone.  If you have a good quality project in mind, don’t delay!





We are offering grants of between £500 and £5,000 for groups to hold one off events or activities which celebrate their local community.


You could also celebrate something from your community’s history or a local hero. Or maybe it’s a chance to bring people together to get to know their neighbours better.


You can apply if you are a:

  • Voluntary or community organisation with a constitution and bank account
  • School
  • Statutory body.


You will need to show that your project is open to everyone in your local community.


We are especially keen to receive applications from groups who have not received a grant from us before.


We will give higher priority to applications from:

  • projects which demonstrate communities coming together to celebrate and share their diverse cultures
  • projects which actively bring different generations together.
  • organisations with a low income
  • organisations that haven’t already received a grant through this programme.


We will fund activities that bring people together to celebrate their local community.


In your application we would like to know:

  • how the project will bring people together in the community to celebrate
  • why the activity is something your local community wants and how you can demonstrate it is led by the people within it.


Celebrate opened for applications on 6 July 2016. Applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis.



Published by Sue Mitchell, Aeona Limited.

Sue is an experienced Executive Coach and trainer, who delivers Leadership Development, Personal Development and 1:1 coaching for people who want to excel, be the best they can be, or find new directions whether in work and career, and in life. Sue is based near Edinburgh and coaches in person in central Scotland, and by telephone and Skype with people all around the world.

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