Community Litter Pick

Saturday 24th March 2018 at 2 pm

Starting at Temple Village Hall members of Moorfoot Primary School and their families will walk to Gladhouse Reservoir, where hot chocolate and refreshments will be served. Younger walkers can start later at the T-junction with Toxside crossroads.

Pupils at Moorfoot Primary have noticed a local problem with litter and have worked with the PTG to address this through sponsorship for their Litter Pick from Temple to Gladhouse.

For those unable to make it on Saturday the 24th, there will also be a similar event at North Middleton on Friday 23rd starting at 12.30 with children and families walking through the village.

This event was developed partly out of discussions around the Moorfoot Neighbourhood Plan, a document that identifies areas of action relevant to the communities across the Moorfoot area and sets out achievable objectives for meeting local and individual requirements within a rural setting.  There will be more information about the Neighbourhood Plan and its future development  when the  Litter Pick takes place at Moorfoot Primary School on Friday 23rd March.



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