Moorfoot Farm Woodland Creation Proposal

Wednesday 11th April 4:00 – 7:30 pm at CARRINGTON VILLAGE HALL


The Community Council has been approached by Rosebery Estates with a proposal to create a new forestry plantation of approximately 185 hectares on a 340 hectare site in the Hog and Cotley Hills, southwest of Gladhouse Reservoir.

The proposal is being prepared with some attention to biodiversity, preservation of archaeological interests and protection of habitats and wildlife, and in response to informal consultations with Scottish Natural Heritage, Midlothian Council, Scottish Environment Agency and Scottish Water. The proposal will be submitted at the end of April to the Forestry Commission Scotland.

There will be an opportunity to find out more about this proposal and to ask questions at a drop-in event at Carrington Village Hall on Wednesday 11th April 4:00 to 7:30.

The agent, Mark Hamilton Landscape Services, is interested in hearing the views of the Community Council as well as anyone else about this proposal.

Comments should be sent to by 16th April.

Details of the proposal are in the documents below.

Cover letter introducing the proposal: Moorfoot CC MWC

Location map: Moorfoot Location Map

Species design for woodland area: 6 Moorfoot wc Species Design5


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