MCC Election: final call for nominees

Wednesday 4 November 2020


Although we held our election at last month’s meeting, we are still short of the numbers needed to make the Community Council viable. This means it will be formally dissolved at the next meeting in November, and cannot be restarted without at least 20 members from the Moorfoot area committing to making it happen again.

Over the past few years the Community Council’s aim to improve local life in the Moorfoot area and represent residents’ interests has succeeded in a number of ways along with a few milestones:

  • Defibrillators installed in Temple, Carrington and North Middleton, all highly visible, with two using repurposed telephone kiosks
  • Support for village halls in the three villages, including microgrants to small group activities
  • Coordinated resilience response to Covid-19 through lockdown and later, including Fareshare food distribution at North Middleton and Temple
  • Support and administration of the distribution of funds from the Carcant grant specific to the Moorfoot area; it’s unclear whether these funds will be available if there is no Community Council to represent the area’s needs
  • Improved signage and road markings to the North Middleton junction with the A7 to reduce risks of cars overtaking at speed
  • Work towards the preservation of Temple OId Kirk

With lots of developments planned in the Moorfoot area — Redheugh West and East, Mossend/Lady Brae as well as a new high school — it’s important to contribute to the planning process from a local perspective, and for Community Councils to represent our interests more effectively.

Please consider whether you can contribute by joining the Community Council — the time commitment isn’t huge and it’s a good way to support the area where you live. 


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