Moorfoot Community Council represents Borthwick, Carrington, North Middleton & Temple, together with the surrounding landward area up to the Moorfoot hills. Important NEWS: Please scroll down this page, to see information on recent events and consultations, especially those that are open for comment where you can make your voice heard. The Community Councillors need yourContinue reading “Welcome”

Moorfoot Neighbourhood Plan

The Moorfoot Neighbourhood Plan is being developed through discussions with local groups across the region. Currently in its draft stages, the document identifies themes for areas of support relevant to preserving as well as enhancing the rural qualities of the local Moorfoot communities. Ideas for improvement and steps to achieve those aims are timetabled withinContinue reading “Moorfoot Neighbourhood Plan”

Moorfoot Farm Woodland Creation Proposal

Wednesday 11th April 4:00 – 7:30 pm at CARRINGTON VILLAGE HALL INFORMAL DROP-IN and PRESENTATION The Community Council has been approached by Rosebery Estates with a proposal to create a new forestry plantation of approximately 185 hectares on a 340 hectare site in the Hog and Cotley Hills, southwest of Gladhouse Reservoir. The proposal isContinue reading “Moorfoot Farm Woodland Creation Proposal”

Community Litter Pick

Saturday 24th March 2018 at 2 pm Starting at Temple Village Hall members of Moorfoot Primary School and their families will walk to Gladhouse Reservoir, where hot chocolate and refreshments will be served. Younger walkers can start later at the T-junction with Toxside crossroads. Pupils at Moorfoot Primary have noticed a local problem with litterContinue reading “Community Litter Pick”