3rd May 7pm – 9pm Meeting at Carrington Village Hall

Moorfoot Community Council monthly meeting

Wed 3rd May, 7 – 9pm

Carrington Village Hall.


Moorfoot Community Council would like to meet you!  To make this easier, we are holding meetings in different village halls. This month we are meeting on 3rd May at Carrington Village Hall. Last month we met at Temple Village Hall.


location –

The village hall is on the right hand side as you head west out of the village: from the Carrington Church/Village notice board on your right hand side, drive out of the village, past the left turn up the hill, and the village hall is the last building on your right.  There is a small car park.

Join Your Community Council

Moorfoot Community Council Elections

Community Councils are required to hold elections for their Councillors every three years.  Elections to Moorfoot Community Council are being held on 5th April this year.  There are at least six and up to twelve Community Councillor positions to be filled.  An election will only be held if the number of nominees exceeds 12 and there is more than one nominee for a Community Council officer.

If you would like to represent your community and help to make Moorfoot a vibrant and attractive place to live and work, why not put your name forward, or nominate someone who you think would be a good community representative?


  • February 2017           Nomination papers available for download from MCC website, from the Village Halls and from secretary@moorfoot.org.uk
  • Wed 29th March, 12 Noon       Deadline for nomination papers to be returned
  • Confirmation of whether a vote for elections is required if there are more than 12 nominees and/or there is more an one nominee for any specific post.
  • 29th March – 5th April     Confirmation of whether or not an election will be necessary will be posted on the website and will also appear in the Moorfoot area’s Public Notice Boards.
  • Wed 5th April, 6:45pm. Elections/Vote at the MCC Monthly Meeting at Temple.


Why Join the Community Council?

  • What do you love about living where you do, in the Moorfoot area?
  • What annoys you?
  • What would you like to change?
  • What would you like to keep and preserve?
  • What developments would you like to influence in our area? (whether to support or suppress)
  • How much are you concerned about what is happening in the Moorfoot area?

If you care about what is happening, why not stand for your local community council and represent residents in the area.

Some recent MCC achievements

  • Influencing planning proposals for a wide range of developments including wind farms, housing developments and others . We have made submissions on: Midlothian Local Development Plan; South East Scotland development plan (SESPlan); the restoration of the former Middleton Lime Works; a proposal for housing at Yorkston; developments at Currie Glen.
  • Together with Gorebridge CC,  negotiated the first boundary changes since the revised Midlothian Scheme for Community Councils.
  • Middleton Quarry – shaped the planning consent requirements and instigated setting up a community group with NWH.
  • Administering the MCC small grants.
  • Hosting communication events from developers regarding early stage proposals.
  • Initiated  broadband consultations to provide better speed broadband for more remote rural areas that are not supported by the high-speed fibre broadband roll-out.
  • In progress – purchasing the old BT phoneboxes, in Carrington and together with the Village Hall in North Middleton, to convert to a community facility and host a defibrillator, similar to many communities in England and more recently in Scotland.
  • In progress – contributing to developing the Moorfoot Neighbourhood Plan.


Recent legislation has given more powers to local communities, so there are many issues that we can have more of a say about and have wider influence.  Why not come and help make sure the local community’s voice is heard.


  • The Moorfoot Community Council requires between 6 and 12 Community Councillors, ideally representing all the residents in the Moorfoot area.
  • We are looking for representatives from
    • all locations – the villages (North Middleton, Temple, Carrington and Borthwick ), other hamlets and rural areas;
    • all ages from 16 to 106
    • men and women
    • all backgrounds
  • Essential Posts to fill at the meeting on 5th April: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Minutes Secretary.  Additional roles that may be appointed at a later stage have included: Planning Representative (requires relevant experience related to planning), Vice-Chair, representative on the Midlothian Federation of Community Councils (usually taken on by several Community Councillors attending in turn), representative at the Gorebridge Medical Centre Patients Participation Group.
  • Commitment: 10 meetings a year, 1st Wednesday of the month usually meeting at North Middleton Village Hall and occasionally at Temple or Carrington Village Halls. Also to respond between meetings to issues raised by email.  Also representing MCC at occasional ad-hoc meetings for other bodies.
  • Moorfoot Community Council Constitution


How to Join the MCC

Under the recent revised Midlothian Council Scheme for Community Councils, Councillors must now be elected into position.

  1. Download the nomination form here: Word Document MCC-nomination-form-2017 or PDF  MCC-nomination-PDF-2017
  2. You can check your eligibility as stated on the nomination form and in the Midlothian Scheme for Community Councils approved__midlothian_scheme__june_2014_
  3. Complete the form with signatures from two independent nominators
  4. Submit your  the nomination form to the Secretary of MCC to ARRIVE before 12 noon on 29th March
    • Post to Secretary, Moorfoot Community Council, Old Schoolhouse, Borthwick, N Middleton, Midlothian, EH23 4QY
    • or email to secretary@moorfoot.org.uk
  5. Attend the election at the MCC monthly meeting on 5th April 2017 at 6.45pm.   An election will only be held if the number of nominees exceeds 12 and/or there is more than one nominee for a Community Council position.




Vote on Community Council Boundary Changes

Following the Consultation period


You can now VOTE

whether to accept the proposed boundary changes for Moorfoot and Gorebridge Community councils.


1st March N Middleton Village Hall 7pm



Gorebridge and Moorfoot Community Councils have agreed unanimously that the Taylor Wimpy housing estate under construction at Harvieston and the planned Redheugh housing development would be best transferred from the Moorfoot Community Council area to the Gorebridge Community Council area.


Residents in these new housing developments will be using mainly Gorebridge facilities so it appears desirable that these boundary changes should be put in place.


Now Moorfoot residents have the opportunity to vote on this proposal at the March meeting of the Moorfoot Community Council, details above.



Proposed boundaries for MCC and Gorebridge CC– note this is a reasonably large PDF



Email: secretary@moorfoot.org.uk

Email: ccboundarychange@midlothian.gov.uk

Community Council Boundary Changes

Community Consultation

At a meeting between Gorebridge and Moorfoot Community Councils it was agreed unanimously by both Community Councils that Community Council boundary changes might be sensible.

This change would allow the Taylor Wimpy housing estate and the planned Redheugh housing development to be transferred from Moorfoot Community Council to Gorebridge Community Council.

Residents in these new housing developments will be using mainly Gorebridge facilities so it appears desirable that these boundary changes should be put in place.


There is now an opportunity for members of both communities to express their views by

Friday 16th December 2016

 View details: www.moorfoot.org.uk


Maps: Gorebridge Library or download here the suggested boundary map

Proposed boundaries for MCC and Gorebridge CC– note this is a reasonably large PDF


Email: secretary@moorfoot.org.uk

Email: ccboundarychange@midlothian.gov.uk



Secretary, Moorfoot Community Council,

Old Schoolhouse, Borthwick EH23 4QY


Speak to any of your local Community or

Midlothian Council Councillors

community broadband proposals for moorfoot area

Please download this PDF file for information about the potential options for improving broadband in areas of Moorfoot where speeds are currently slow.  (in Windows, right click on the link and then ‘save link as’ to download it to your computer.)

Broadband briefing for MCC meeting 3-8-16

The meeting is on Wed 3rd August 2016 at 7pm – please advise Malcolm if you plan to attend and arrive promptly as we will address the broadband issues first and need to end by 7:30 so we can cover the rest of the community council meeting business. Thank you.

Celebrate Fund – grant for one off events.

Information from Midlothian Council about a grant supporting events that bring your community together.


See information below about ‘Celebrate’ funding, for one-off events.  I will draw your attention to the fact that it is first come, first served until the money is gone.  If you have a good quality project in mind, don’t delay!





We are offering grants of between £500 and £5,000 for groups to hold one off events or activities which celebrate their local community.


You could also celebrate something from your community’s history or a local hero. Or maybe it’s a chance to bring people together to get to know their neighbours better.


You can apply if you are a:

  • Voluntary or community organisation with a constitution and bank account
  • School
  • Statutory body.


You will need to show that your project is open to everyone in your local community.


We are especially keen to receive applications from groups who have not received a grant from us before.


We will give higher priority to applications from:

  • projects which demonstrate communities coming together to celebrate and share their diverse cultures
  • projects which actively bring different generations together.
  • organisations with a low income
  • organisations that haven’t already received a grant through this programme.


We will fund activities that bring people together to celebrate their local community.


In your application we would like to know:

  • how the project will bring people together in the community to celebrate
  • why the activity is something your local community wants and how you can demonstrate it is led by the people within it.


Celebrate opened for applications on 6 July 2016. Applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis.