A7 Petition Update

As a result of the highly successful petition that Moorfoot Community Council raised last year, regarding concerns with the speed of traffic passing the A7 junction at North Middleton, and subsequent meetings between Community Councillors, local police and Midlothian Council, Councillor Wilma Chalmers agreed to provide funding for a warning sign from her budget. As you have proably noticed, the sign is now in operation.

The sign is located about 100m South of the jSpeed-Sign500unction and is triggered by the speed of approaching vehicles. We would encourage residents to report all incidents at that junction to the local police. The Council and Police will be monitoring traffic and incidents over the coming months.

Although we were unable to get agreement to have a reduced speed limit on this stretch of road, it is hoped that the sign will help reduce the overall average speed of traffic on this 60 limit road (currently 57MPH, for figures including those vehicles that are limited to 50MPH or less!)


Spurlens Rig Wind Farm

There is a current planning application with Borders Council for a 6 mast Wind Farm to be located at “Spurlens Rig”, which is between Howgate and Leadburn. At 125m, these masts are taller than those of other Wind Farms in the area, and parts of them will be visible from various locations in the Moorfoot Community Council Area.

Have your say

If you have an opinion either for or against this application there are 2 main ways to get involved in the process:

  1. Everyone can respond directly via the Borders Council e-Planning website to leave comments in support or to object to the proposal.
  2. If there is sufficient support for your view within the Moorfoot Community Council area, your Community Council can comment on your behalf.

Councils have a statutary requirement to consider the repsonses from Community Councils.

Moorfoot groups urged to apply for funding

A new charitable fund has been set up in the Moorfoot Community Council area. Local groups are being urged to come forward with projects that will foster community cohesion and benefit people living in the Moorfoot area. The 25 year fund – provided by SSE’s Carcant Wind Farm Fund – is worth approximately £4,600 a year.

Grants of between £200 and £1,000 are available. Decisions on how the funds will be allocated will be made by the local advisory panel of four representatives from the community council and a representative from each of the three village halls in the area. The panel is scheduled to meet in April to consider applications received in the first round.

The deadline for the first round of applications is Tuesday 1 March 2011. The application process is being handled by the Scottish Community Foundation. To request an application form, or find out more about the fund, please contact Annabel Bath on 0131 524 0306 or email annabel@scottishcf.org

A7 petition

The Community Council has submitted the petition regarding the need to limit speeds on the A7 at the North Middleton junction. we had 271 signatures!

For those of you that don’t know, Midlothian council’s own figures show that over 700 vehicles every day exceed 70MPH on this 60 limit stretch of road. 15% of all vehicles (including those that are limit to 40 or 50) exceed 68MPH. Most of the people siging the petition had been invbovled in a “near miss” of some kind on the stretch from Birkenside to south of this junction.

The council have arranged a meeting with Ed when he gets back from his holiday – look out for more updates soon.

Small Grant Funding


SPRF funding is available to constituted groups and organisations based and/or working in Midlothian. Priority will be given to projects which focus on:

  • Tackling poverty and disadvantage
  •  Promoting social inclusion and community-led development and regeneration
  •  Work to develop the sustainability of new or existing social enterprises